A Ghost in the Water by Terry Glavin

A Ghost in the Water

  • Transmontanus
  • 96 pages, 8×9 inches
  • Price: $16 CAD · $16 USD
  • ISBN: 9780921586388
  • Date published: 1994-01-01
  • Availability: in print & available

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About A Ghost in the Water

A strange prehistoric giant, rarely seen and little understood, haunts the depths of the Fraser River. It is the Fraser River white sturgeon, the largest freshwater fish in North America, and it is facing extinction. A Ghost in the Water is about the sturgeon and its ancient relationship with the people who live in the river valley.

A Ghost in the Water is the first book in the Transmontanus series, which explores the relationship between people and the landscape in what has come to be known as British Columbia.

About Terry Glavin

Terry Glavin is the author of A Death Feast in Dimlahamid and Nemiah: The Unconquered Country.

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