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Outside on the air :: Author Sean McCammon on Sauga 960AM with Mike Richards


Listeners out east in Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe may have caught a familiar voice on the radio earlier this month.

Sean McCammon joined Chris Houston from The Idea Shop along with Mike Richards and David Bastl, hosts of Sauga 960AM’s Raw Mike Richards Show to talk about Outside.

Both hosts have been battling friends and family to hold on to their constantly loaned and re-loaned copies of Outside since the book was featured by Houston the week prior, when Richards said “the reaction to this book is unlike anything that I have ever seen, except when an enormous author has 400 books under his resume.”

Impressed with the response to Outside and stunned that this is a debut novel, Richards and Bastl asked Sean a bit more about the writing process, his similar experiences to our protagonist David, and what it’s like to sit down to write your first ever novel.

I started with the end in mind, I pictured how the book would end, and really the process for me was building in all that backstory, how we get to this climactic scene, for me that’s the way to go.

You can watch the whole interview below or listen to the recording right here on SoundCloud.

Want more of Sean? You can rewatch the launch event for Outside here, or check out Sean’s YouTube channel.