Louis Cabri

Louis Cabri

From the continents Europe, Africa, and Asia, second–generation fresh, it's "Louis Cabri," anti–geographer (in particular, counter–tree) and Montreal native, poet and critic, and, by paid profession, teacher, Louis Cabri is the name attached to the poetry books Poetryworld and The Mood Embosser.

His chapbooks include
Poems, Becoming Kitsch, What Is Venice?, —that can't and Curdles. His poetry has appeared in The Art of Practice: 45 Contemporary Poets, Open Text: Canadian Poetry & Poetics in the 21st Century, Post–Prairie: An Anthology of New Poetry, and Detours: An Anthology of Poets from Windsor and Essex County. Past projects include the poets' exchange PhillyTalks (with Aaron Levy), a double issue of open letters to/from poets for Open Letter (with Nicole Markotić), and hole magazine, hole books and the Transparency Machine event series (with Rob Manery).

He teaches modern and contemporary poetry, literary theory, and creative writing in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Windsor.

Watch Cabri read from
Posh Lust below.

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