Enough Already by Bruce O'Hara

Enough Already: Breaking Free In the Second Half of Life

  • Non-Fiction
  • 224 pages, 6×9 inches
  • Price: $21 CAD · $21 USD
  • ISBN: 9781554200108
  • Date published: 2004-10-14
  • Availability: in print & available


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About Enough Already

Most North Americans are overspent, overtired, overweight and overworked and believe that more money, more stuff, more time, more of everything will lead to more happiness. In this anti–retirement guide for the boomer generation, Bruce O’Hara dismisses this idea and offers seven keys to happiness in the second half of life. Instead of working too much now so you can stop entirely later, why not enjoy retirement’s best benefits — spare time and financial freedom — immediately, while avoiding the ennui and loss of purpose that can cloud your golden years?

O’Hara looks at research on the happiest and longest–lived seniors to understand how it is some people manage to live comparatively long, enjoyable, and useful lives. He peppers this engaging, lively and grounded call to arms with accounts of himself, his friends and neighbours to point out the kind of lives we could be leading – and why we don’t.

About Bruce O'Hara

Bruce O'Hara founded Work Well, Canada's first work option resource centre. He has worked four or three–day work weeks for nearly 20 years and he reports that it is every bit as wonderful as you might think. He lives on Vancouver Island with his partner Adriana.

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