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Available Now :: Bird Arsonist by Gary Barwin & Tom Prime


Gary Barwin & Tom Prime’s Bird Arsonist has flown the nest, and is available today!

Compressed to the point of implosion, the poems that make up this volume are contorted descendants of Dadaism, Surrealism, and every other -ism. Prime and Barwin confront poetry’s contemporary preference for confession and today’s digitization of reality not only by — as they are two — using a doubled “I,” but also by letting language elide the human-all-too-human hand of authorship tout court. The author of Bird Arsonist is language itself, sonorous and fragmentary. Prime and Barwin have merely done the job of giving it the room to speak, of keeping it infected, of making visible the outline of its splinters and its cuts.

Check your local independent bookseller for a copy:
:: Munro’s Books – Victoria, BC
:: Mobius Books – Port Alberni, BC
:: Bookingham Palace Salmon Arm, BC
:: Novel Idea – Kingston, ON
:: Another Story – Toronto, ON
:: Type Books – Toronto, ON
:: Book City – Toronto, ON (Bloor St, Danforth Ave, Queen St E, Beaches)
:: Perfect Books – Ottawa, ON
:: Blue Heron Books – Uxbridge, ON
:: Mixed Media – Hamilton, ON
:: Epic Books – Hamilton, ON
:: The Printed Word – Hamilton, ON
:: Fanfare Books – Stratford, ON
:: The Book Keeper – Sarnia, ON 
:: The Bookshelf – Guelph, ON
:: McNally Robinson – Saskatoon, SK
:: Owl’s Nest Books – Calgary, AB
:: Shelf Life Books – Calgary, AB

Online you can find the book at:
:: New Star Books
:: Chapters
:: UTP Distribution
:: Small Press Distribution