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Review of Reviews: Naked Defiance by Patrik Sampler


Patrik Sampler’s Naked Defiance has been taking reviewers for a ride recently, take a peek at what they’re saying in this latest roundup of reviews:

In the Vancouver Sun, Brett Grubisic writes, “A puckish, mirthful fabulist, Vancouver area writer, Sampler (The Ocean Container) ramps up with a tour de force of lies and contradictions. When a solid black redaction bar appears on the first page, he signals his affinity for a wordsmith’s game-playing. ‘I’ll pique your curiosity,’ the author appears to tease, ‘and then completely refuse to help you out.’” 


For BC BookWorld (page 16), Gene Homel calls Naked Defiance, “a jumbled mix of narrative tricks, young adult hijinks, and surreal scenarios, packaged with a bit of mystery story about that fellow hiding behind an animal mask.”



And in The British Columbia Review, Steven Brown writes, “A Comedy of Menace is the subtitle of this fine novel. Although it can be looked at as menacing comedy, there’s a lot else going on. Naked Defiance is also an arcane and elaborate fiction. It’s elusive and complicated. Subversive is another word. The storyline is absurd and the characters are ridiculous, but the reading experience is compelling…Even so, Patrik Sampler makes a brilliant, inventive literary effort.”

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