Tomorrow's News by Marc Edge

Tomorrow's News: How to Fix Canada's Media

  • Non-Fiction
  • 208 pages, 6×9 inches
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  • ISBN: 9781554202140
  • Date published: 2024-11-21
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About Tomorrow's News

Canada’s news is a mess. A self interested, divisive, and profit-fixated news business has bred a corrosive and deepening distrust not just of the media, but of our democratic institutions themselves. Many see this this crisis of the fourth estate as an existential threat to a bedrock of democratic decision-making.

In Tomorrow’s News, Marc Edge lays out some of the new forms of journalism that are emerging in the post-print, digital-first world. The bad include “dark money” funded non-profits, such as the US news outlet Richmond Standard, which have been rushing into the breech with “pink slime.” The good include worker co-operatives, such as CHEK-TV in Victoria, B.C., the Prince Albert Daily Herald, and CN2i in Quebec. Tomorrow’s News also explores the potential of a voucher system as a financing mechanism for local news organizations.

People will always be news hungry; journalism isn’t going away, Marc Edge argues. The news organizations that thrive in the post-print world will be the ones that are able to shift their support base, and revenues, from advertisers to readers.

About Marc Edge

In seven books examining the changing economic landscape of newspapers, including Asper Nation, Greatly Exaggerated, and The Postmedia Effect, business journalist Marc Edge has chronicled the political economy of print news gathering. He lives in Ladysmith, B.C.

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