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The Wig-Maker :: Poetry from Sharon Thesen & Janet Gallant

Cover of The Wig-Maker by Janet Gallant and Sharon Thesen. The cover is an older family photo of Janet Gallant as a young woman, in long dark pants and a white blouse, Sharon holds a sporting trophy proudly while standing in the courtyard of a housing complex. "The Wig-Maker" along with the authors names appear in white text, a blurb from Eve Joseph, Griffin Prize Winner, appears at the top of the cover and reads "A work of heart-breaking brilliance"

Cover design by Oliver :

A chronicle of violence and transformation, The Wig-Maker gives voice to a woman’s childhood trauma, her quest after identity, and the healing in between.


We are pleased to reveal the cover of The Wig-Maker, by Janet Gallant and Sharon Thesen.

Abandoned by her mother and abused by her father as a child, Janet has sought to unearth and articulate the questions around her upbringing and her family’s past ever since. Recounting her story to Sharon, she found a receptive ear, the ability to heal, and a willing, uncanny, and faithful lyrical transcriber.

Janet’s self-recognition as a biracial child, her mourning the early loss of her brother and sister, the Black history of Alberta and Saskatchewan, her passage from McCrate, to Clift, to Gallant, and her wig-making work are woven together in Sharon’s elegiac verse.

The Wig-Maker is Janet Gallant’s song; her story comes to life in Sharon Thesen’s poem.

Griffin Poetry Prize winner Eve Joseph calls the book a “work of heart-breaking brilliance.”

Available March 11
128 pages · 5.5 x 8.5in
$18 CAD · $16 USD
ISBN: 9781554201716

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Read an excerpt of The Wig-Maker below.