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Tom & Gary’s madcap antics coming to the West Coast


The somewhat delayed West Coast launch for Bird Arsonist, the phlogiston-enriched collaboration between Tom Prime and Gary Barwin released earlier in 2022, is finally happening this month, with events in Victoria (August 19) and Vancouver (August 20).

The Bird Arsonist launch will be a combined happening, enfolding Tom Prime’s Mouthfuls of Space (Anvil Press, October 2021) and (why not?) Gary Barwin’s 2015 Anvil release, I, Dr. Greenblat, Orthodontist, 251-1457.

VICTORIA – Friday August 19
The Spiral Cafe
418 Craigflower Rd
With a reading by Sara Cassidy and music by Novo Drom

VANCOUVER – Saturday August 20
The People’s Co-Op Bookstore
1391 Commercial Dr