Male Pregnancy in Reverse by Tom Prime

Male Pregnancy in Reverse

  • Poetry
  • 64 pages, 8×5 inches
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  • ISBN: 9781554202072
  • Date published: 2023-09-30
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About Male Pregnancy in Reverse

Male Pregnancy in Reverse, a long poem "in 5 Acts", transmutes a disturbing and sometimes horrifying experience—albeit one which is only ever obliquely and allegorically described—into a dazzling and heady literary puzzle.

Wielding a rich and suggestive vocabulary largely drawn from Elizabethan literary texts, but working within a tradition that includes Rimbaud and Mallarme, Tom Prime revels in a lexigraphic bubblebath that combines visual poetry, typographic moves, fragments of a play, a cast of characters that include Brayne-worme, Volpone, Baby and Mother, and uneasy-laughter-inducing silliness.

"In Tom Prime’s pataseminal Male Pregnancy in Reverse (an Elizabethan concept of misogyny), a postlanguage, dramatological inferno of extreme poiesis in 5 acts, the “actus primus” is a postapocalyptic mélange of the hyperérotique, the scatotheological, the psychoasemic, the BDSMic, les Symbolistes Français and the Elizabethan underworld in a “filthcloth miasma” of postgender eschatons disseminating their “electrolarynxes” in a highly original dramatis personae of posthuman porn comprised of Chorus, Occasion, the acromegalic, Analyst, Me, Satan, You, Mosca, Volpone, Percy, Eleanor Davies, Real Estate Agent, the predator, Amelia, Hero, Grandpa, Narrator, Baby, Mother, Manet Titivillus, Brayne-worme, Leander, Guru, Anna Trapnell, Dex and Father of Bro. Tom Prime is at the forefront of a new generation of avant-gardists."—Daniel Y. Harris, author of The Posthuman Series, (Volumes I-V, BlazeVOX)

About Tom Prime

Tom Prime is a PhD candidate at Western University (specializing in 17th century female prophesy). His solo debut collection of poetry Mouthfuls of Space (Anvil) was shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial prize. He has published 2 collaboratively written collections of poetry with Gary Barwin (Bird Arsonist by New Star and A Cemetery for Holes by Gordon Hill Press). His forthcoming solo collection of poetry Male Pregnancy in Reverse will be released by New Star in September. He has been published in Lana Turner, Fjords Review, Typo, and many other journals, periodicals, anthologies, and chapbooks.

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