The Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan by Andrew Struthers

The Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan

  • Non-Fiction
  • 208 pages, 5×8 inches
  • Price: $18 CAD · $18 USD
  • ISBN: 9781554200085
  • Date published: 2004-09-03
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About The Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan

Evicted from his Tofino pyramid for the last time, writer Andrew Struthers has the solution: buy an old fishing boat going cheap via the federal government’s Mifflin Plan. He takes up residence onboard with his nine–year–old daughter Pasheabel, and his perennial housing problems are solved. Or are they?

The Last Voyage of the Loch Ryan picks up where the author’s prize–winning The Green Shadow left off, offering a tragicomic account of small–town life in British Columbia and of how its residents are affected by the decline of the West Coast fishing fleet. Packed to the gunwales with fascinating West Coast ship lore, hilarious and affectionate account of the author’s neighbours, it boasts at least one good laugh per page.

About Andrew Struthers

Andrew Struthers grew up in Scotland, Uganda, British Columbia, and Japan. His account of the Clayoquot protests was published as The Green Shadow and won the National Magazine Award for Humour. Struthers works as a filmmaker and writer, and lives in Victoria with his daughter Pasheabel.

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