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Globe & Mail reviews Bruce Serafin?s Stardust

?Brave and raw and lonely --- like the man who wrote it.?

2008.07.05 — The Globe & Mail’s Books supplement for Saturday, July 5, featured Toronto writer Gilbert Reid’s round-up review of three new Canadian books of essays: The Roaring Eighties by Norman Snider, Join the Revolution, Comrade by Charles Foran, and Stardust by Bruce Serafin.

“Serafin --- who was a founder of the Vancouver Review and author of the novelized autobiography, Colin’s Big Thing,” Reid writes (a little inaccurately: Colin’s Big Thing is a collection of essays), “was an outsider and, in a way, I suspect, that’s the way he liked it. ... Above all, Serafin wanted to write about what hadn’t been written about before: he wanted to get at life in the interior of British Columbia, at the places and people whose existence was ignored, he felt, by the thin veneer, glossy prosperity and fashionable snobbisms of Vancouver and the Coast. He wanted to turn Nowhere into Somewhere.”