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Gerry Gilbert, 1936 -- 2009

"I've used up my reality"

2009.06.22 — Gerry Gilbert, poet, writer, publisher, and faithful recorder of Vancouver's poetry scene for more than two decades, died on June 19. The notice that appeared in the Vancouver Sun can be found here, and a few readers have left their comments about Gerry here.

Gerry is the author of numerous books, including White Lunch (1969?), Money (1971; one of the very first books published by the Georgia Straight Writing Series, which subsequently evolved into Vancouver Community Press / New Star Books), Grounds (1976), Moby Jane (1987), Azure Blues (1991), and Year of the Rush (1994). For many years he published the poetry/poetics journal BC Monthly, distributing it, and his ongoing serial-poem-in-progress, until 2007, by bicycle late at night, while we slept.

Between the mid-1970s and the early 21st century, Gerry recorded scores, maybe hundreds, of poetry readings that took place in Vancouver. Many of these recordings were broadcast over his long-enduring Co-op Radio show radiofreerainforest, and many have found their way into Simon Fraser University Library's Special Collections.