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The Walrus in Surrey

Ranj Dhaliwal and his novel Daaku featured in Timothy Taylor article on temple politics

2009.08.17 — The September 2009 issue of The Walrus contains a feature article by Vancouver novelist Timothy Taylor on Surrey's Guru Nanak Gurdwara that spotlights Ranj Dhaliwal and his novel about Indo-Canadian gang life, Daaku.

Dhaliwal was a member of the winning slate in temple elections in late 2008. The election results were subsequently challenged in court, but the parties resolved to re-hold the elections rather than bog the temple down in a lengthy legal fight. In the meantime, Dhaliwal has withdrawn from the slate and won't be running in the second election.

Dhaliwal is one of the main people that Taylor interviewed for his article, ""Showdown on Scott Road"". Dhaliwal's novel Daaku, published in 2006, touches on the the connections between gang and temple politics. He is at work on a second novel about gang life. "