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Stan Persky wins 2010 Lieutenant-Governor's Award

2010.04.08 — Stan Persky, co-author with Brian Fawcett, of the forthcoming Robin Blaser tribute Robin Blaser, was named Wednesday evening the 2010 winner of the BC Lieutenant-Governor's Award for Literary Excellence.

Originally from Chicago, IL, Persky emigrated to Canada in 1966. He was instrumental in the evolution of the Georgia Straight Writing Supplement that eventually became New Star Books in the 1970s. Persky has been a columnist for the Vancouver Sun and the Globe and Mail and continues to write for the website

He is the author of twenty books, sixteen of which he has published with New Star Books. In 2006, The Short Version was the winner of the Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize. On Kiddie Porn, co-written with John Dixon, was 2002 runner-up for the Donner Prize. "