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Peter Culley responds to Maxine Gadd and Maxine Gadd reads at RespondencyWest Series

tonight, 8pm, People's Co-op Bookstore

2010.11.02 — Peter Culley responds to Maxine Gadd and Maxine Gadd reads tonight at 8pm at People's Co-op Bookstore, in the first of seven events in the RespondencyWest series. Admission is by donation (suggested $3-$5). Details here.

Peter Culley is the author of The Age of Briggs & Stratton and Hammertown.

Maxine Gadd is the author of Backup to Babylon and Subway Under Byzantium.


The Kootenay School of Writing with the support of the Canada Council for the arts is providing another RespondencyWest series based on Margaret Christakos’ ongoing, acclaimed lecture and reading series The Influency Salon.

The series schedule:

November 4th

Reg Johanson responds to George Stanley and George Stanley reads

November 11th

George Stanley responds to Marie Annharte Baker and Marie Annharte Baker reads

November 16th

Marie Annharte Baker responds to Kim Minkus and Kim Minkus reads

November 18th

Kim Minkus responds to Kevin McPherson Eckhoff and Kevin McPherson Eckhoff reads

November 23rd

Kevin Macpherson Eckhoff responds to Jake kennedy and Jake Kennedy reads

November 25th

Jake Kennedy responds to Peter Culley and Peter Culley reads "