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Tyee reporter to pen Sasquatch book

Colleen Kimmett will write about Bigfoot for Transmontanus

2009.08.03 — Looking back at the seventeen publications in the long-running Transmontanus series, what's still missing? A book about Bigfoot, of course.

Colleen Kimmett, a reporter for The Tyee, has been travelling and interviewing most of the summer for a Transmontanus on the legendary Sasquatch, an elusive entity that has inhabited our forests as well as our imaginations. The book is set for release in the fall of 2010.

""We're thrilled to be doing a Transmontanus on Sasquatch,"" says Rolf Maurer, publisher of New Star Books. ""When Terry Glavin [editor of the Transmontanus series] and I first started talking back in 1992 about this series, on one Bigfoot was at the top of our list.

""When Colleen came to us with her proposal to write about this, we could tell right away that she is perfect for the job. She's a science writer, and she brings just the right blend of curiosity and journalistic know-how to this story.""

A native of Peterborough, Ontario, Kimmett now calls Vancouver home. "