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Sweet England and Caprice launch at The Sylvia

Tuesday, February 22, 7pm

2011.02.08 — Sweet England and Caprice launch in two weeks at Vancouver landmark The Sylvia Hotel. Join us for readings, some remarks, drinks and food.

Sweet England, Steve Weiner's third novel, is a harrowing portrayal of post-Thatcher England that follows a man of no known origin and unstable personality and his efforts to re-enter society after a long and unexplained absence. Weiner's first novel Museum of Love was nominated for the Giller Prize.

Caprice, the second in Bowering's trilogy of historical novels about British Columbia to appear, but third to be reissued, is a witty and colourful recreation of a Canadian heroine's quest in avenging her brother's murder.

Shoot! and Burning Water were reissued in 2008 and 2007 respectively.

The details of the launch are:

Sweet England and Caprice launch

Tuesday February 22nd, 7 pm
The Sylvia Hotel bistro
1154 Gilford Street
Vancouver, BC

Free admission | Complimentary appetizers | Complimentary drinks "