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The Last Best West now available

Collection from Thompson Rivers U explores what it means to be 'Western Canadian'

2009.06.08 — THE LAST BEST WEST, a book of essays exploring Western Canadian identity, is shipping to stores this week. Official publication date is June 15.

Subtitled An Exploration of Myth, Identity, & Quality of Life in Western Canada, The Last Best West contains essays exploring different aspects of Western Canadian identity. Individual pieces focus on small-town life with respect to rural education, theatre, literature and film, the visual arts, quality of life, and much more. It is edited by ANNE GAGNON, W.F. GARRETT-PETTS, JAMES HOFFMAN, Henry Hubert, Terry Kading, Kelly-Anne Maddox, and Ginny Ratsoy. Other contributors include Tanis MacDonald, Yaying Zhang, Kalli Paakspu, Mervyn Nicholson, Pamela Cairns, Gloria Filax, Kimberley Mair, and Rachel Nash.

The Last Best West is the fruit of a collaboration between New Star Books and the journal TEXTUAL STUDIES IN CANADA, published out of Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. It is the second book produced by this partnership. Garrett-Petts is an editor of THE SMALL CITIES BOOK: On the Cultural Future of Small Cities, published by New Star in 2005. "