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George Bowering's Box hitting big-box, independent bookstores now

"Will appeal to those who enjoy postmodern playfulness,"" says Q&Q reviewer"

2009.10.22 — The Box, a collection of ten new stories by two-time G-G winner George Bowering, is currently shipping to bookstores throughout the Free World. It's the first new prose from Canada's first Poet Laureate since Standing on Richards in 2004.

Devon Code, writing in the November 2009 issue of Quill & Quire, says of The Box, ""Bowering's prose is polished and his characters are well-drawn . . . At their best [ "", however,"" ] the stories combine inventiveness and humour with finely realized craft."" It's not clear that Code has much use for the ""postmodern"" --- this is Canada, after all --- but for those who do, he writes, ""The stories themselves are varied in genre, but unified by inventiveness, self-referentiality, and wordplay. Bowering's protagonists are frequently writers or intellectuals, and his narrative style is highly self-conscious, as if written for a reader as intimately aware of the form and conventions of the short story as he is.""

New Star Books previously reissued Bowering's classic novels of the West, Burning Water and Shoot! A new edition of Caprice is in the works for 2010."