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Melva McLean wins 2009 Tom Fairley Award

For 2nd time in 3 years, EAC award for editing excellence goes to editor with New Star connection

2009.06.29 — Melva McLean of Vancouver was named earlier this month as recipient of the Tom Fairley Award for 2009. The award is made by the Editors' Association of Canada to the editor, freelance or otherwise, judged to have demonstrated excellence in editing in connection with a specific project. McLean won for her work on a massive ""bid book"" published by TRIUMF, the nuclear / particle physics laboratory based on the University of British Columbia campus.

Ms McLean worked full-time for New Star between 2003 and 2006, and continues to be a member of the press's editorial board.

Long-time New Star editor and editorial board member Audrey McClellan of Victoria, BC won the award in 2007 for her work on Clam Gardens: Aboriginal Mariculture on Canada's West Coast, by Judith Williams.

In all, four of 27 Fairley winners since 1983 have worked at or for New Star Books. "