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New Star lowers US prices on 32 titles

Wall Street worries that move will kick off deflationary cycle in US economy

2009.01.05 — New Star Books has lowered US list prices on 32 frontlist and backlist titles, to reflect the strengthening American dollar, which appreciated against other world currencies in late 2008. The price changes came into effect on January 1, and are reflected in the press’s Spring 2009 catalogue.

All New Star poetry and fiction titles now have a standard list price of US$16. Non-fiction titles range from US$16 to US$19. Before the change, poetry books ranged in price from US$16 to US$21, while fiction and non-fiction prices for most books ranged from US$18 to US$24. Canadian prices are not affected.

”Usually the focus is on high Canadian prices for US-originated books distributed in this country by branch plants and agencies,” said New Star spokesman Dave Northstrong. “We had the opposite problem: all of a sudden our US prices were too high. The strengthening US dollar means we can once again price our books competitively in the US market.”