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Mette Bach's Off the Highway reviewed in

"A quirky, funny picture of the Vancouver suburb,"" says the reviewer"

2010.06.11 —, a blog about BC public policy, reviews and recommends Off the Highway: Growing Up In North Delta for its summer reading list. The reviewer states, “Bach weaves together personal recollections, history and social commentary to create a quirky, funny, depressing picture of the ... Vancouver suburb [of North Delta].”

The reviewer goes on to praise “the unique history and flavour of North Delta ... which, it turns out, is fascinating — farming, canneries, black bears in the street — and who knew that at one point Disney was planning to buy and develop Burns Bog?”

Finally, the reviewer adds, “There are lots more juicy tidbits like this in Bach’s book, framed by her compelling argument that as time goes on and development continues, more and more specificity is erased from North Delta and suburbs like it.”

Read the full review here."