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Peter Culley 2009 Mini-World Tour dates announced

Toronto, Oakland, Portland the lucky cities as tix go on sale for mid-July tour dates

2009.06.15 — Screamin' Peter Culley brings his zero-piece band to Toronto's Scream at High Park on July 13, kicking off a short but intense three-city, two-country Mini-World Tour.

Culley will be one of about a dozen readers at the Scream Literary Festival's mega mainstage event wrapping up the 12-day poetry extravaganza that's become a fixture of Toronto's summer literary calendar.

Could this be one of the last Screams at High Park? This year's Scream's theme is "The Book is Dead."" On their website, the organizers announce: ""We'll be exploring the imminent demise of books, book culture and all that readers hold dear. Faced daily with the decaying vestiges of books, it’s time to stand over the open grave and pen your laments, your predictions, your ululations and your dreams of technological salvation in poetic form.""

For more information about the Scream Festival, and the full line-up for the Saturday evening reading, click HERE.

Then it's off to California. On Sunday, July 19, Culley will be sharing a bill in THE NEW READING SERIES AT 21 GRAND in Oakland with Vanessa Place. More information about the event can be found HERE.

Two days later, it's Portland's turn. On Tuesday, July 21, at 6:30 sharp, Peter Culley joins Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas at THE notorious BACK ROOM, outdoors somewhere in Portland's bucolic urban center, for a discussion about The Age of Briggs & Stratton and the Eco-Baroque. Children and dogs welcome. Dinner available from one of the city's finer food carts, cart and location TBA