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Basking Sharks reviewed in BC Studies

Fall 2008 issue contains review of Wallace & Gisborne book about local elasmobranch

2009.01.06 — In the Autumn 2008 issue of BC Studies, Anna Hall of the University of BC favourably reviews Basking Sharks: The Slaughter of BC’s Gentle Giants by Scott Wallace and Brian Gisborne. “Superb,” writes Prof. Hall, adding that the book “recounts an apalling time in BC history &0151; a time that must never be forgotten, lest history repeat itself.”

Published in 2006 as part of the Transmontanus series edited by Terry Glavin, Basking Sharks tells the story of the campaign against the fearsomely huge, but gentle, plankton feeders, which have been all but wiped out on this part of the coast because they got in the way of the commercial fishing industry.

BC Studies is a refereed scholarly journal published by the University of BC and appearing four times a year.